Welcome Mafalda as Our New Student Director!

Geothermal Canada is very happy to welcome our new Student Director, Mafalda Miranda. We also give our great thanks to Ronak Patel for his work this past year.

Mafalda is helping to organize the 1st Canadian Geothermal Students Day in November in Quebec City.

Mafalda Miranda.png

Mafalda holds a BSc in Geology and a MSc in Geosciences from University of Coimbra, Portugal. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Earth Sciences at Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) in Québec City, Canada. Her project aims in assessing the deep geothermal energy potential in the remote community of Kuujjuaq, northern Québec, Canada.

Before starting her PhD at INRS, Mafalda worked as a research fellow in the European project EMSURE – Energy and Mobility for Sustainable Regions, and at the Laboratory of Natural Radioactivity of the University of Coimbra. Her main research task was the assessment of the deep geothermal energy potential in Guarda region, central Portugal.