Successful Trip to Meager Hot Springs

Last week, two of our board members Jasmin Raymond and Jeff Witter trekked to Meager Creek Hot Springs. The area served as the first geothermal exploration project in Canada several decades ago and hot water still flows at the surface. Says Jasmin of the trip:

We had to hike 30 km to get there in and out in a day. It was exhausting, but amazing to see this beautiful site with the hot water coming out of the ground. We also had a chance to see the massive landslide deposits at Capricorn Creek.

For more information about the area and its geothermal development, check out Geoscience BC's Mount Meager Geothermal Data Compilation Project. 

Reception, Meeting, & Honourary Awards on June 19

Geothermal Canada is having a special General Meeting to honor Tim Sadlier-Brown, Andrew Nevin, and Alan Jessop for their significant contributions to the geothermal industry. The center is a short five-minute walk from the Convention Centre and non-members are welcome.

We hope you can join us for the meeting and reception. 

Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Location: Coal Harbour Community Center, 480 Broughton St, Vancouver

BC Royalties Proposal- Comments Requested

British Columbia’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR) is considering the development of a royalty regulation under the Geothermal Resources Act.  At this time EMPR would like to obtain input from the geothermal industry and interested parties on the proposed royalty framework and regulation. The attached paper outlines the proposed royalty policy p; if you have comments or input you would like to be considered by EMPR please submit your comments by July 15th, 2018.  If you have questions regarding the attached proposal, or would like to discuss the proposal please contact the Ministry of EMPR. 


Low Carbon Economy Challenge

Geothermal Canada would like to bring the Low Carbon Economy Challenge to the attention of our members.

Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change launched the Low Carbon Economy Challenge, a major new federal funding program. Environment and Climate Change Canada officials and other federal colleagues with funding programs will be holding information sessions across Canada starting the week of March 19.

The Challenge will provide more than $500 million for projects that will generate clean growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All provinces, territories, businesses, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, and Indigenous communities and organizations who meet eligibility criteria will be able to apply.

The dates, times and venues for information sessions are below. In addition to providing information about the Challenge, the sessions will include presentations from other government departments or programs, such as the Clean Growth Hub, Natural Resources Canada or Infrastructure Canada. We are aiming to target relevant programs to each location; as such, the additional presentations will vary. Where event details are yet to be confirmed the following website will post the details and it is also where you can learn more about the Low Carbon Economy Fund.




March 12, 2018 Newsletter

Geothermal Canada has just launched the first newsletter! This issue includes upcoming events like Resources for Future Generations (RFG) 2018 which Geothermal Canada directors will be presenting at, announcements such as Calls for Abstracts and Calls for Session Proposals, and Geothermal Canada updates.

If you would like to receive updates and news directly to your inbox, we invite you to join us as a member.

Resources for Futures Generations (RFG) 2018

We would like to alert all interested researchers in this important event coming up in June.  Steve Grasby has organized and is convening sessions focused on geothermal energy and Jasmin Raymond will be giving a short course.  Cathie Hickson will be leading a field trip, though not specifically focused on geothermal will have some geothermal elements. The conference be held June 16-21, 2018 in Vancouver, BC.

Already a number of members have submitted abstracts and Steve Grasby is convening a session “EN12: New Innovations in Geothermal Exploration”. Other potential sessions for geothermal contributions are EN2: Energy Futures, EN7: Canada's Emerging Unconventional Resources, EN10: Geothermal Solutions for Northern Regions, Mines and Other Remote Areas, EN8: The Role of Geoenergy Test Beds in Developing Future Energy Systems, EN11: Geothermal Energy in the 21st Century. Abstract deadline is Feb 12.