Alberta No. 1 Geothermal Project Receives $25.45 Million in Federal Funding

On August 23, 2019, the Government of Canada announced $25.45 million in funding for the geothermal project “Alberta No. 1” led by Terrapin Geothermics, the MD of Greenview, and PCL Construction. The funding is part of Natural Resources Canada’s Emerging Renewable Power Program.

“Canada’s western provinces, in addition to huge reserves of hydrocarbons, have vast resources of hot water below the surface. Utilizing this hot water for heating and powering homes and industry saves valuable hydrocarbons for other uses.”

-Dr. Catherine Hickson, Chief Geologist of Terrapin Geothermics

This project will be one of the first of its kind in Canada and aims to provide geothermal heat and power to a planned industrial park in the Municipal District of Greenview in Northern Alberta. This news comes after other recent announcements of government funding for DEEP Corp’s project in Saskatchwan and for Eavor’s project near Rocky Mountain House, AB. These three geothermal projects will not only provide heat and power, but will also create huge employment opportunities for Canadians.