Geothermal Program at GAC-MAC-IAH 2019

GAC-MAC-IAH 2019 is coming up in the next few weeks and there will be a geothermal program for those interested. This includes Geothermal Canada AGM followed by a geothermal pub night (May 13th), a visit of the Laboratoire ouvert de géothermie at INRS (May 14th) and a geothermal seminar organized by UNESCO-IGCP636 group (May 15th). You have until Friday to register for official activities of the GAC-MAC-IAH 2019 conference such as the isotope geochemistry short course and the dinner cruise.

You don’t want to miss this fantastic evening spent all together at a geothermal table cruising the St. Lawrence River.

GAC-MAC-IAH 2019 - Geothermal Program

All activities are at the Quebec City Convention Center unless another location is mentioned.

Sunday May 12th

Short course - Isotopes (including noble gases) applied to geothermal resources

D.L. Pinti (GEOTOP, UQAM) & O. Shouakar-Stash (IT2 Isotope Tracer Technologies Inc., University of Waterloo)

Register through the GAC-MAC-IAH web page: 

Monday May 13th 

Special Session SS-RE12: Unifying international research forces to unlock geothermal resource - Room / Salle: Room 203

Organizers: Raymond, J., Blessent, D.

08:20 Marcia, K. [Keynote]: DEEP Earth Energy Production's Williston Basin Hot Sedimentary geothermal power project development

09:00 Dezayes, C., Lerouge, C., Kushnir, A.: Characterisation of the basement-sedimentary transition zone in the Saint-Pierre-Bois quarry (Vosges, France)

09:20 Velez Marquez, M.-I., Taborda Ortiz, M.A., Miranda, M., Moreno, D.A., Raymond, J., Blessent, D., López-Sanchez, J.: Geothermal potential assessment of the Charlevoix meteoritic crater

09:40 Break

10:00 Fraser, T., Colpron, M., Relf, C., Witter, J., Grasby, S.: Evaluating geothermal potential in Yukon Territory: a collaborative effort to characterize geothermal gradient through temperature gradient drilling in the Canadian North

10:20 Nowamooz, A., Therrien, R., Molson, J., Raymond, J., Malo, M.: Geothermal potential and enhanced geothermal system (EGS) performance in the St. Lawrence Lowlands Basin, Quebec, Canada

10:40 Hickson, C.: Alberta's western Canada Sedimentary Basin's first electrical geothermal project proposal

11:00 Lunch

13:30 Larmagnat, S., Lavoie, D., Francus, P., des Roches, M., Daigle, L-F., Raymond, J., Malo, M., Aubiès-Trouilh, A.: Stratigraphy, reservoir properties and thermofacies: a Silurian case study in eastern Québec

13:50 Fiess, K., Grasby, S.: Addressing geoscience gaps for energy and heating projects in the Northwest Territories (NWT)

14:10 Gascuel, V., Bédard, K., Comeau, F-A., Raymond, J., Malo, M.: Geothermal potential of Anticosti sedimentary basin, Québec

14:30 Hassan Aden, A., Raymond, J., Giroux, B., Sanjuan, B.: Evaluation of deep hydrothermal fluid circulation in the Asal rift, Republic of Djibouti

14:50 Hickson, C., Dusseault, M., Ferguson, G., Fraser, T., Grasby, S., Huang, K., Marcia, K., Noone, F., Poux, B., Raymond, J., Witter, J.: Geothermal energy in Canada

17:00-18:00 - Geothermal Canada Annual General Meeting – Room 201C 

Everyone are welcome (members and non-members). A teleconference option will be provided for people not present at the conference.

18:30 – Geothermal Pub Night in the Old Town - Pub St. Alexandre (1087 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC, G1R 1S3 – 15 min walk from the Convention Center)

Send an e-mail to Mafalda Miranda to make sure you are included in the reservation (

Tuesday May 14th 

9:00-10:00 Visit of the LOG – Laboratoire ouvert de géothermie (

Location INRS (490 rue de la Couronne, Québec, QC, G1K 9A – 15 min walk from the Convention Center)

Send an e-mail to Félix-Antoine Comeau to reserve a place for the visit of the LOG (

18:00-22:00 Dinner Cruise on the St. Lawrence River

Reserve through the GAC-MAC-IAH conference web page: 

Send an e-mail to Félix-Antoine Comeau to confirm you have reserved through the conference web site and we will find you a seat at a geothermal table (

Wednesday May 15th 

13:30-15:30 UNESCO-IGCP636 Seminar: The geothermal potential of fractured rocks Room 205 AB 

Organizers: Raymond, J., Blessent, D.

Group 636 of UNESCO International geoscience program working on geothermal energy will meet and discuss current research. The activity is open to everyone. Presentations will be made by C. Dezayes, M. Miranda and D. Blessent on the geothermal potential of fractured rocks. Extensive discussion will follow the presentations.


SS-RE12: Unifying international research forces to unlock geothermal resource

Organizers: Raymond, J., Blessent, D.

Daniele, L., Taucare, M., Figueroa, R., Viguier, B., Treskow, V., Yañez, G., Arancibia, G.: Groundwater circulation in the Pocuro fault zone along the Western Andean Mountain Front (Central Chile, 30° -38° S): insight from hydrogeochemical and geophysical data from low temperature springs

Rajaobelison, M.M., Raymond, J., Malo, M.: Geothermal potential of Ambilobe and Sambirano, North Madagascar

Taborda Ortíz, M.A., Vélez Marquez, M.I., Moreno, D.A., Raymond, J., López, J., Blessent, D.: Analysis of thermal and hydraulic properties of rock samples from the Nevado del Ruiz geothermal area

Other presentation of geothermal interest

Tuesday May 14th SS-GH08: Diffusion in geoscience: A multidisciplinary perspective 

Room 301A - Organizers: Al, T., Parker, B., Wanner, P.

14:30 Koubikana  Pambou, C.H., Raymond, J., Velez  Marquez, M.-I.: Évaluation  d'un  profil  de  conductivité thermique  de  la  subsurface  à  partir  d'un  profil  de  température  mesuré  dans  un  échangeur  de  chaleur géothermique