Bastien Poux Joins our Board of Directors- Welcome Bastien!

Geothermal Canada is happy to announce yet another addition to our Board of Directors- Bastien Poux has joined as Director of British Columbia.


Bastien is a geologist with about 10 years of experience in geothermal resource exploration and evaluation, wellsite geology and 3-D modeling. Bastien has completed geothermal resource assessments on numerous geothermal projects, mostly located in the United States, Iceland and the Caribbean. Bastien has been a wellsite geologist on about twenty deep geothermal wells, including the Iceland Deep Drilling Project IDDP-2 in 2016 and some of the world's deepest geothermal wells in the Geysers field in California. He is currently the Technical Sales Advisor in the Americas for the Leapfrog Geothermal software by Seequent.

Welcome, Bastien!