Yellowknife Geosciences Forum - Nov 20-22, 2018

The 46th Annual Yellowknife Geoscience Forum will be held in Yellowknife, NWT from Tues Nov. 20 - Thurs Nov. 22, 2018. Of the several sessions covering a range of topics, including the Energy in Canada's North sessions, which is co-chaired by Kathryn Fiess, Manager, Petroleum Geosciences, Northwest Territories Geological Survey and David Mahon, Manager Energy Projects –Infrastructure. 

On Nov. 23, the Forum, in conjunction with Geothermal Canada, will host a YGF NWT Geothermal Energy Workshop. 

Workshop Speaker/Panelists

  • Dr. Steven Grasby - GSC Calgary - Overview of geothermal energy; how it can be used; potential for the NWT.

  • Dr. Grant Ferguson - University of Saskatchewan - Geothermal systems in sedimentary basins and constraints on the productivity of thermal fluids.

  • Dr. Jasmin Raymond - Institut national de la recherche scientifique - Geothermal systems in shield rocks and permafrost regions.

  • Dr. Maurice Dusseault - University of Waterloo - Drilling technology and engineering issues.

  • Dr. Catherine Hickson - University of British Columbia - Economics of developing a commercially viable geothermal project.

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