Resources for Futures Generations (RFG) 2018

We would like to alert all interested researchers in this important event coming up in June.  Steve Grasby has organized and is convening sessions focused on geothermal energy and Jasmin Raymond will be giving a short course.  Cathie Hickson will be leading a field trip, though not specifically focused on geothermal will have some geothermal elements. The conference will be held June 16-21, 2018 in Vancouver, BC.

Already a number of members have submitted abstracts and Steve Grasby is convening a session “EN12: New Innovations in Geothermal Exploration”. Other potential sessions for geothermal contributions are EN2: Energy Futures, EN7: Canada's Emerging Unconventional Resources, EN10: Geothermal Solutions for Northern Regions, Mines and Other Remote Areas, EN8: The Role of Geoenergy Test Beds in Developing Future Energy Systems, EN11: Geothermal Energy in the 21st Century. Abstract deadline is Feb 12.