YGF 2018 Presentations Available for Viewing

Geothermal Canada is happy to continue fostering research and outreach by providing a platform for presentations. In October, we posted a few presentations from the 2018 GRC Annual Meeting.

We have just posted 4 presentations from the Yellowknife Geoscience Forum 2018 from November 2018:

  1. Hybrid GeoEnergy Systems: Delivering Reliable Power and Heat in Remote Locations (Dusseault, 2018)

  2. Drilling Technology and Other Engineering Issues in Geothermal Energy (Dusseault, 2018)

  3. Fluid Production for Geothermal Energy (Ferguson, 2018)

  4. Geothermal Systems in Shield Rocks and Permafrost Regions; Examples from Northern Quebec (Raymond et al., 2018)