Mount Meager Research Opportunities: Oct 13 in Vancouver

As a researcher or industry professional who has worked on or has a particular interest in Mount Meager volcano and/or geothermal systems, The Vancouver Volcanology Studies Group and Geothermal Canada invite you to participate in a symposium entitled: Mount Meager Research Opportunities, being held on October 13th from 8:30 am to 5 pm in SFU’s Harbour Centre campus,  downtown Vancouver. For those of you who cannot make the trip down, we will be setting up a web conferencing solution and doing our best to accommodate you from afar! 

 The main objective of this day is:

1) Bring the community up to speed on the latest/ongoing work being done at Mount Meager both in terms of geothermal exploration and research into hazard assessment and volcanological history. 

2) Brainstorm collaborations going forward, including projects that could make use of access to the deep wells on the Meager geothermal lease (currently owned by Polaris Infrastructure  & managed by Aenergy Capital).

 The format of the day will broadly consist of:

Morning talks (with coffee and light breakfast) aimed at setting the scene and providing context for the day’s discussions, followed by lunch and networking session around noon (possibly at Steamworks, TBD), followed by afternoon talks on topics related to ongoing Meager research, and finally, the day will end with a coffee break and brainstorming session for collaborative research work going forward. 

Afternoon talk slots are set at 15 mins. If you would like to present something in the afternoon, please let Glyn or Nathalie or Cathie know.

To help plan catering needs, Please RSVP by October 8th to Nathalie Vigouroux: 

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Glyn Williams-Jones (Professor & Co-Director of the Centre for Natural Hazards Research at Simon Fraser University;

Dr. Cathie Hickson (President, TuyaTerra Geo Corp. and President, Geothermal Canada;

Dr. Nathalie Vigouroux (Instructor Douglas College and Adjunct, Simon Fraser University; )