Board of Directors


president - catherine Hickson

Dr. Hickson is an experienced geothermal resource development expert. She received her PhD from the University of British Columbia in 1987 focusing on the subglacial volcanoes of Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia. However, her career in geothermal started as a summer student with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) where in 1981 she joined the survey’s geothermal program doing downhole temperature measurements as well as field mapping.  She spent the next 25 years of her career as a Research Scientist with the GSC. In 2008, she left government and joined Magma Energy Corp. (later to become Alterra Power Corp.) Her role was as VP Exploration and Chief Geoscientist. She led the company’s exploration and advanced resource assessments globally spending significant time on projects in Chile, Iceland, Italy, Peru and the USA. She continues to work actively in geothermal exploration and development and is President of Tuya Terra Geo Corp., a company that provides geoscience and management services to the industry.


vice president - steve grasby

Dr. Grasby received a Ph.D. in Geochemistry from University of Calgary in 1997. He has worked on regional groundwater studies in the Canadian Prairies and in British Columbia, including climate change impacts of regional water supply. He has also conducted extensive studies on thermal and mineral springs in western and northern Canada. He is lead author of the 2011 GSC publication, "Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Canada"


secretary - katie huang

Katie is currently pursuing her M.Sc. Geology at University of Iceland, specializing in geothermal energy. She has previously worked at CanGEA and co-published "Barriers to Geothermal Development - Why Canada Produces 0MW" for Geothermal Resources Transactions, 2017. She is currently working during the summer as a geology intern for Borealis GeoPower and sits on the GRC Student Committee.


Treasurer - jeff witter

Jeff Witter is Principal Geoscientist at Innovate Geothermal Ltd., a Vancouver-based geothermal consulting firm. He has over 20 years’ experience in geoscience and has focused on the geothermal energy sector since 2008. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, both in volcanic geology. Jeff has provided expert geoscience advice to U.S. and Canadian geothermal developers, served as a geothermal advisor to government, and provided geothermal due diligence services to investor groups.



director at large - Kirsten Marcia

Kirsten Marcia is the co-founder, president, and CEO of DEEP Earth Energy Production (“DEEP”). DEEP is a private company focused on developing geothermal resources to meet increasing Saskatchewan energy needs with sustainable, baseload renewable power.  Ms. Marcia is a geology graduate from the University of Saskatchewan and a Professional Geoscientist, registered in the Province of Saskatchewan.  She has worked in the resource exploration industry for 20 years for commodities including diamonds, gold and base metals, coal, uranium, and oil and gas.  Her past experience was focused in Saskatchewan and Alberta for Canadian TSX-listed companies, including the position of Vice President of Exploration for Wescan Goldfields Inc., Exploration Manager for Shore Gold Inc., a Saskatchewan diamond development company, and Director of Investor Relations for Vena Resources, a Peruvian mining company.

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director at large - ryan dick

Ryan completed an MSc in sustainable energy development from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Alberta. Ryan has experience developing solar energy projects in South America, the United States, and Canada.  As an entrepreneur, Ryan originated, developed and sold two large-scale renewable energy projects in Ecuador to an international consortium of investors. He has more than ten years of energy policy experience including advising and collaborating with all levels of governments on new renewable energy policy and regulations, in addition to working with multi-lateral development banks on project financing for energy projects, aboriginal stakeholder consultation, and environmental impact assessments. Ryan works with Indigenous groups and government policy working groups to plan and develop renewable energy projects on-reserves and settlements. In his role as the Director of Market Development for Terrapin, he is leading several studies with regional governments in Alberta to assess their geothermal resources and plan geothermal projects based around oil and gas well retrofits.


director of british columbia - Ron Yehia

Ron Yehia is principal of MYAR Consulting and has a Bachelor of Science in Geology from UBC. After a multi-year career in enterprise corporate IT, Ron transitioned to a career in geology. He worked in geothermal exploration for Ormat Technologies (US) and as Resource Group Data Manager. He also worked for Magma Energy as Canadian Exploration Lead and as Senior Geoscientific Data Leader. Ron has more recently focused on furthering the innovative application of field rapid water testing, and also specializes in Open Source GIS.


director of western canada (alberta & saskatchewan) - grant ferguson

Grant Ferguson holds degrees in both geology and engineering, focusing on geothermal energy and hydrogeology. He has conducted research on geothermal resources for over a decade and has focused on topics ranging including the sustainability of open loop heat pumps, subsurface urban heat islands, hot sedimentary aquifers and the use of springs as geothermal exploration tools. Dr. Ferguson has published numerous articles on geothermal energy and has sat on geothermal energy related committees for various organizations, including the National Ground Water Association and the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition.


director of Eastern Canada (Quebec and Maritimes) - jasmin raymond

Jasmin Raymond is a hydrogeologist and he teaches geothermal energy basics at Institut national de la recherche scientifique in Quebec City. He obtained his Ph.D. at Laval University and a B.Sc. at McGill University. During his young career, he received numerous prizes such as a Banting Scholarship for his postdoctoral research. He currently holds a research chair from l’Institut nordique du Québec to investigate the geothermal potential of northern communities and mines in addition to being the co-leader of an international research group on geothermal energy supported by UNESCO.




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director of northern canada (yukon, nwt, & nunavut) - tiffani fraser

Tiffani is a bedrock geologist with the Yukon Geological Survey in Whitehorse, Yukon. She has a B.Sc in Geology and a Master’s degree in Quaternary studies. She specializes in stratigraphy, sedimentology, and basin studies. She is currently project manager for a multi-faceted geothermal research project in Yukon that is focused on understanding heat generation and ground temperature in the territory. The project is a collaborative effort among federal and territorial geoscientists, universities, First Nation governments and geothermal consultants.


Student engagement director - ronak patel

Ronak holds a BSc in Geology and an Alternative Energy Technology Diploma.  As a capstone project with Terrapin Geothermics, he conducted a prefeasibility study of retrofitting current oil and gas wells for geothermal heat and power plants, focusing on resource extraction and utilization pathways. Currently, Ronak works in Edmonton, helping develop policy and programming to create sustainable communities. Having overseen several student engagement and youth advocacy groups in the past, Ronak hopes to use these experiences to promote innovation among students in the field of geothermal research.


director of central canada - (Manitoba & Ontario)