GRC 2019 Annual Meeting

Kickstarting the Industry in Canada (Hickson et al., 2019)

Geothermal Energy Potential in the Yukon (Fraser, 2019)

An Introduction to Flow Control Devices and the Potential Benefits to Geothermal Applications (Curkan et al., 2019)

Alberta #1: The Province’s First Electrical Geothermal Project (Hickson et al., 2019)

GRC 2018 Annual Meeting

Moving Geothermal in Canada Forward (Hickson et al., 2018)

Geothermal Studies in Yukon - A Collaborative Effort to Understand Ground Temperature in the Canadian North (Fraser et al., 2018)

2D and 3D Potential Field Mapping and Modelling at the Fallon Forge Site, Nevada, USA (Witter et al., 2018)


Yellowknife Geosciences Forum 2018

Hybrid GeoEnergy Systems: Delivering Reliable Power and Heat in Remote Locations (Dusseault, 2018)

Drilling Technology and Other Engineering Issues in Geothermal Energy (Dusseault, 2018)

Fluid Production for Geothermal Energy (Ferguson, 2018)

State of Geothermal Research in Canada (Grasby, 2018)

Economic Factors and their Implications for the Development of a Commercially Viable Geothermal Project (Hickson, 2018)

Geothermal Systems in Shield Rocks and Permafrost Regions; Examples from Northern Quebec (Raymond et al., 2018)