Aenergy Capital is a Canadian merchant bank catalyzing green projects for communities, institutions and companies. We advise, develop, own and operate energy efficiency and renewable/distributed generation. We partner with leading companies and knowledgeable investors. Our experience is $4 billion over 4 decades across 4 continents.


Chinook Geoconsulting, Inc. Magnetotellurics and Electromagnetics for resource exploration: Interpretation, Survey QC and Planning

Developing geothermal resources to meet increasing energy needs with sustainable, clean and renewable energy


Epoch Energy is a renewable energy company focused on the economic development, production and sale of heat and power from geothermal resources.

Geotech Renewable Energy is an energy resource company, established to explore and develop renewable energy resources and technologies, in Canada and abroad.


Innovate Geothermal Ltd. is an independent consulting firm with expertise in: early stage geothermal exploration, geoscience data analysis and interpretation, 3D geological & geophysical modelling, resource evaluation, well targeting, and long-term resource management.

Revealing the Earth’s resources through performance, teamwork and technology

Tuya Terra Geo Corp. (TTGeo) provides consulting services to a variety of clients ranging from technical and management support in geothermal energy, lithium exploration, project management, community consultation, stakeholder engagement and geoscience education.